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Geeze, guys, it only took you like five minutes to screw that up? Even Discord is impressed.

In boring news, the character page has finally been updated! In less boring news, oh goodness the new season premieres in seven hours, what am I still doing awake.

About season 4: while I’m still aiming to keep Slice mostly canon-based, at this point, it’s been going on long enough that some elements might be too difficult to change if they get contradicted. This is not because I have any issue with the show itself — this is and always has been a celebration of a show I love! — it’s just because over this past year-and-some-change, Slice has gotten a lot more developed than I ever anticipated. For example, if season 4 opens with the Cakes turning out to be robots from the future who are also undercover space cops fighting instellar crime inbetween catering birthday parties, then I will probably not be redoing past comics to reflect this. (…then again…)

I’ll be using the same spoiler policy as I did for season 3: nothing involving a spoiler will be posted until at least 24 hours after the episode has aired on the Hub (even if it’s a huge one like Twilicorn was). I can’t police replies/reblogs though, so please be careful if you’re trying to avoid spoilers!

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